Dr. Annette Jackson: Extraordinary Example of Leadership and Servitude

Extraordinary Example of Leadership and Servitude

Family Dynamics:

I am now widowed. I was blessed to be married to the late Pastor Marcus O. Jackson, my childhood sweetheart. We shared a beautifully blended family. I am also a grandmother aka Nana and a great grandmother aka Gina.


My hobbies are creating original armature wire art pieces, traveling, especially to places near a shoreline and reading.


I retired from the State of Ohio ODJFS as an Unemployment Compensation Manager 2, where my special processes unit ran audits, quality control, created special processes for school claims, extended benefits, training presented to laid off employees and employers, as well as our constituents. I am a retired Pastor Emeritus, Christian radio and television co-host, and a certified transformational life coach. 

Where are you from?

I was born in Bath, Maine and raised in the south. I was what was considered a military brat. I graduated from Goose Creek High School in Goose Creek, South, Carolina.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about those who have no voice, or so they think, such as those who have siblings or children who have Down Syndrome. I work to educate, and bring awareness of the everyday life challenges that are faced, government policies that may affect services and benefits, and to promote inclusion in more day-to-day programs, employment and community outreach. Whats the driving force behind it? My driving force behind this is having an older sister who falls in the spectrum of Down Syndrome. We have braved societal stigmas, overcome hurdles in employment (she retired for Wendy’s after 20 years of service), education and community service’s because we as a family took the limits off of our loved one and encouraged her involvement in various things such as the praise dance team, usher board and now she is the first honorary member of Chi Sigma Delta Sorority, Incorporated.

Whats your skill set?

I am a leader who loves and is gifted to develop other leaders, I’m a strong leader, I possess balanced emotional intelligence. I’m organized, creative, adaptable, flexible, a great and thorough communicator, self-motivated, lifelong learner. I’m a mentor, project manager, practicing healthy conflict resolution, and work well under pressure. I consider myself to be an asset in any industry.

What set you apart from others of your same field?

I do my research on everything. I love what I do and have a passion for seeing others see themselves beyond what others have said about them or their business. I am all about tapping into the heart and soul of the person and their business to help them see their potential impact on and in the lives of others and in the business world of their respective colleagues. I have a knack for gently challenging the champion within. I love what I do.

Whats your purpose in life?

I walk in a grace and strength that compels others to want to change and grow. I’m here to help others be the best version of themselves and to help them embrace that. I’m purposed to help them not only see their uniqueness, but to help them walk in their uniqueness knowing that it gives light, strength and hope to others. I know that is what I was created to do.

If you could choose any career in the world, would you still choose the career or talent you have?

Yes. I would, because it’s challenged me and given me opportunities to positively impact the lives of other’s while increasing my own self-awareness and skill set. I love people and I love listening to people share who they are and what they hope to be. I love seeing people realize that there is always hope.

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell her that she has option’s even when facing life changing challenges or seeing what seems insurmountable, you can and will do it. Your future is much greater than what your current situation is. Stay the course.

Knowing what you know now, would you change anything in your past?

I wouldn’t change a thing. I was a young naive church girl who hadn’t ever dated. I was only 16 years old in college. Most of the mistakes I made was due to immaturity and not having knowledge about life outside of church programs. I learned the hard way. I became a young married mom to save the face of the first church family.  I was married to an abuser and spent years a victim of domestic abuse. I survived it to tell my story and to help others coming out of abusive relationships.

Who are your rolemodels?

My role models were my mom and my dad. My mom attended Norfolk State majoring in education. She was a high school educator and was the church minister of music for years. She later worked for the state educating doctors and medical staff of proper coding and billing until retirement. My dad entered the U.S.Navy at age 15. He did two active careers 25 years each, then went fleet reserve while working at Amarada Hess Oil Company before retiring from both. I learned patience, perseverance and determination from both. I learned to continue to build upon your skill set by increasing your knowledge and trying new things. I learned that love is what it does.

What would you say to those that are starting out in your field?

To remain faithful and teachable. Be open to lean from the constructive criticism given. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work towards improving yourself with every opportunity given you to grow and develop. Remember that it is always appropriate to have goals and a vision for your own life, even while you are pushing the vision and mission of someone else.

What is your favorite quote? Explain? 

It’s an Ethiopian Proverb, “He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured.” I first heard this when I was training to become a trainer and counselor for HIV/Aids education and testing for the community and churches. It simply means that pride will prevent you from getting the help you need. You cannot heal or get help from what you’re not willing to share. Not only was it a powerful quote for that training, but for all issues of life that we may face. 

If you could leave lasting impression, what would that look like?

I pray that the impression I leave upon others is that I count it a privilege and honor to wear the garments of humility, love and grace. I pray that the deposits made will in turn yield a return to him whom all good and perfect gifts come from, because those who encountered me also encountered him. God expects a return on His deposits.

Annette Jackson

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