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Cee Rich, Owner of Hairotic Love Studio

Tell us about yourself.

Greetings I’m Cee Rich, the owner of the Hairotic Love Studio in Dallas, Texas, and I’ve been here for about three years and Plano for roughly seven years prior. I am an advocate of healthy hair and specialize in color, cuts/trims, natural hair, and relaxed hair. I have over 23 years of professional expertise in hairstyling.

I was born and raised in New Orleans and was compelled to move to the DFW in 2005. Additionally, I belong to a motorcycle club named the #1 Stunnas MSC. I’ve held the position of Dallas Chapter Treasurer and served as a Public Relations Officer, where we are also involved in community work. In addition to doing community service, I enjoy sharing my expertise and enlightening others while helping my fellow stylists realize their goals.  

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Where do you see your brand/business/passion in the next 5 years?

My business is expected to grow in a variety of directions. With my business partner, I will be taking my company to the next level by offering spa services. Then taking steps to establish a nonprofit organization that supports the community and promotes a healthy lifestyle and mental stability.

What has been your biggest accomplishment and why?

Despite all the challenges, including moving my salon because of Covid, and the losses I’ve suffered psychologically, physically, and emotionally over the past three years, I’m thankful that I never gave up or gave in. When business slowed down, I used my other superpower—cooking—to make meals to tide me over until things picked up again. In my free time, I began feeding the homeless. Through this process, I realized I genuinely enjoy just being of assistance to others and making them feel better about themselves. I began by giving away bags of blessings, hygiene kits, blankets, socks, and shoes. Also, because I enjoy cooking, I started feeding people the needy for at least seven months out of the year. So, I would say giving back to the community is my biggest accomplishment.

What message is on your heart to share right now?

I’ve always prayed to God for the ability to assist others. However, I needed to fill my cup and maintain my mental, spiritual, physical, and my social well-being first. In this world, we deal with a lot of issues and must confront our traumas. Just remember to take care of yourself. All the material things in the world will still be here and don’t make any excuses. Just Do It! You must let go of those who are a burden in your life and refuse to turn back if you want to complete your journey with God. You’ll be fine, just remember that. Starting with you, you must recover.

Where is your favorite place to go around DFW?

I adore the lake at Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Lewisville, Arts Bishop for Jazz, and Soirée Coffee Bar.

How can people get in contact with you? What’s up next for you?

People can contact me on my booking website, on Instagram at Hairotic_Love_Studio, or on Facebook at Hairotic Love Studio. Regarding Cee Rich’s future, there are a few projects I’m involved with. I am continuing to expand my haircare brand, finishing my cookbook, and planning to launch my nonprofit organization that will aid in community feeding. I want to do so many things that you will certainly see more of me in the future.

Cee Rich is the ISH!!!

This is the She is the Ish magazine, so tell me, what makes you the ISH? 

I am the ISH because I am evidence that you can succeed in life despite all the advice to the contrary, rejection as a child, psychological abuse at the hands of those you respect, and betrayals throughout your life. I am living evidence that anything is possible when you have the faith of a mustard seed, act on your convictions, move in the right direction, cut people off when it’s necessary, and let go of your past.

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