Broken But Not Destroyed: A Poem by Passion The Lioness

In honor of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, a poem by Passion The Lioness:

Some say they laugh to keep from crying
I write and pray to keep from dying 
See you may think that I live life too freely 
In reality I'm broken but I continue to smile when you see me 

What does the face of suicide look like because no one seems to know 
How do you comfort someone that's mentally unstable unless you've been there before always running low

I once heard that the windows to the soul are not the hips but the eyes
The lips may open and tell many lies 
So many tears have told stories while the innocence dies in their lives 
Makes me think what prince really meant when he wrote about when a dove cries

Pain and tears 
Surrounded in fears 
Pent up frustration year after year 
Doing drugs taking shots drinking yet another beer 

I'm losing myself along with each and every day 
My family and friends tell me pray about it everything's going to be okay 
Well what about the days when I don't feel like praying, crying, trying to see the brighter side 
What if I want to let go while darkness takes over my life because in me I have no more fight 

I am tired I am weak 
I'm not as strong as people think 
Feels like I'm a few inches away from my death 
Even though I want to give up I say a little prayer with what might be my last breath 

You see even though I am hurting beyond belief
At this same moment I am still alive so that gives me a little relief 
I gave it some thought and decided that I've made it this far so why stop now 
The mind can be a beautiful thing but it could also be your biggest downfall some how 

So continue to fight even when you don't see another way 
Pray because GOD is your healer not just the meds you took today 
Cry lift that weight off of your chest and let the tears be a reminder that you're alive 
Thank GOD for life no matter good or bad because every thing works together so in faithfulness we continue to strive
            ~Passion The Lioness 

Mua: Jacky Fae - Serve Spa 

Photographer: Jade Rouille - Jade & Jora  

Hairstylist: Andie Black St James - Hairbystjames  

Please read the article on Passion The Lioness in this current July issue of SITI GIRL Dallas Magazine.

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