Niccolas Jones- Designer/ Creator of TWIB

To tell you a little about myself, my name is Niccolas my friends call me Nicc (Yes Nick with two c’s), I’m 32 years old from Oak Cliff and live in Lancaster.  I’m a father of a 15-year-old amazing king named Za’Marion who’s an inspiration to everything I do! I’m a writer, brand owner, actor, and somewhat activist, I’ve mc’d many events and the list goes on lol!

I originally started “The World is Backwards “as just “Dlroweht”, which was supposed to be an alias for myself when I get into my writing and anything creative. One day I decided to put the name on my shirt, and no one understood it and after that, I decided to come up with the first logo for it. I had the logo made with tye shape or a globe and the name going across and the design in camouflage. I then put that on a shirt and people liked it, which surprised me. Growing up I had a unique sense of fashion. I didn’t wear Jordans or expensive Nikes or anything like that I used to dress just for me(even though the majority of the schools I went to wore uniforms lol)! I used to be teased and ridiculed so much about how I dressed and what I wore that I felt like I could create a look for people with a mind like mine. 10 years later I’ve done several shoots, been featured in 10 fashion shows, and promoted in music videos, and looking forward to many more!

The designer who has influenced me the most is Daymond John, the owner, and creator of the brand FUBU, his story is very much inspirational to me! He started off making his clothes himself, started in his mom’s place, and got his start with big department stores and getting his merch seen on big names like LL Cool J and having his brand seen on national TV.

In the next 5 years, I would love to see my brand on more celebrities, in more movies and talk shows, and maybe sold in many stores.

I define success with people understanding my message that comes with my brand. Knowing that my brand has reached different states, reached different ethnicities and races. I see it being successful currently, but I believe there’s no such thing as enough success.

My biggest accomplishment I believe is making it to see my brand reach 10 years and I’ve done it with my own money and creative sense.

The message on my heart is never allow someone to tell you that you can’t do something! There are many designers and entrepreneurs that have had someone tell them that their idea did not make sense or that it would not work but look where they are now! They are successful, some are millionaires and billionaires and some just feel success in the fact that they did it without giving up!

Currently, my favorite place to go to in the DFW is Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts District. The reason is that they are the places that bring the most creativity out of me and allow me to showcase my ideas.

They can locate me on FACEBOOK at Nkredible Jones & Twib Brand, IG at Nkredible_x & dlroweht_brand, Tiktok @dlroweht_brand. You can be on the lookout to see my brand in more movies, music videos, fashion shows, and promo videos.

Well with me being a HE lol! I feel like what makes my brand the “ISH” is that it’s not just for one set party! Yes my brand is black-owned but it does not mean “black only”, it’s not just for men, it’s not just for women, it’s not just for straight people, and it’s in support of the LGBTQ+ community as well. The brand is to support everyone willing to wear and support it because it was made to support you!

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