Dr. Marguritte S. Johnson -Stand 4 Sisterhood, Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Marguritte S. Johnson

Tell us a little about yourself. 

First and foremost, I am a daughter of the Most High God! 

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Servantship is embedded in my DNA. I live to give, and I absolutely love life! I recently celebrated 25 years of “I Do” on May 30, with my best friend and soul mate, Jeremiah L. Johnson Sr. (We met at Walmart) I am a proud mother of two, JJ Jr. (age 21) and Mariah Serenity (age 19). I am also a Speaker, a Red-Carpet Correspondent, a 4-time Best-Selling Author, a Credentialed Mediator, a Texas Notary, a Christian Counselor, a Singer/Songwriter, and a Caterer!

My favorite snack is maraschino cherries with freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

You have a non-profit, how did that come about?

In 2011, I awoke doing the ‘ugly cry’ because I was really missing my sister. (Growing up, we were super close. She married military and moved to Germany & had been there for 7 years at this time). The Holy Spirit instructed me to launch a “Saved Sistas Sorority” called The Godly Girlfriends in Jan 2012. In 2014, The Godly Girlfriends went on a 4 City Tour called Stand 4 Sisterhood. After not being able to shake the tour name, Stand 4 Sisterhood, it became an official IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on December 21, 2016. 

Stand 4 Sisterhood is committed to standing in solidarity for the personal and professional development of under-served, under-resourced, and under-represented girls and women via inter-generational mentorship, advocacy, awareness, and the power of prevention. 

Where does your passion to be of service to your community come from? 

I believe witnessing my grandparents and mother serving in the ministry, ignited the heart of ‘paying it forward’ in me as a lil’ girl. It wasn’t a strange incident for me to witness my grandparents feeding the homeless, clothing a stranger, paying people’s bills, and or allowing one of the members to live with them until they were able to get back on their feet. Loving people was what I saw them do on a daily basis. Therefore, giving hope, unconditional love, and resources just became a part of my life. It’s in my DNA to serve wholeheartedly!

Fast forward to today, girls and women are facing many personal and societal challenges, and without a doubt, I know that I am called to serve as an advocate, a mentor, a confidante, and a safe space for them. I am honored to be chosen for such a Kingdom assignment. Living in Purpose, On Purpose, For a Greater Purpose is PRICELESS!

Where do you see your brand/business/passion in the next 5 years? 

In the next 5 years, Stand 4 Sisterhood will be GLOBAL! We will have chapters and affiliations in multiple cities and states, including outreaches in Africa, Brazil, Hawaii, and wherever else the Lord leads. 

Furthermore, Stand 4 Sisterhood will also implement a social enterprise to empower girls and women in under-served populations to become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. 

The Johnson Family

What has been your biggest accomplishment and why? 

To date, my biggest accomplishment has NOT been receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Counseling, celebrating 25 years of marriage, or raising two beautiful children.

My biggest accomplishment has been learning to LOVE ME (Inside and Out) Flaws and All! Growing up, I was my greatest critic and biggest bully. As a recovering perfectionist, I didn’t know how to give myself grace and love ME, wholly and completely ‘without any strings attached’ until I was 38 years old. 2nd biggest accomplishment is learning to say “NO” and setting boundaries!  Self-Care is my #1 Priority. #FinallyFREE2BMe

What message is on your heart to share right now?

Many have been feeling the PUSH, the TUG, the restless nights …because God Almighty is requiring more from you – He has an assignment for you. However, due to fear, lack of resources, etc…. You continue to delay your obedience. I want to encourage you to take the LEAP! There will never be a ‘perfect’ time to pursue purpose. Someone is awaiting your obedience. Their freedom, their breakthrough, their NEXT is all contingent upon your YES!

#DontDelay #JustObey #NoFearJustFaith #ObedienceIsPerfection 

Is there another non-profit that you’d like to work with and haven’t? Who are they and why do you want to work with them?

OMG Yes, I would love to partner with Beverly Bond of Black Girls Rock! Inc. located in Brooklyn, NY. BGR is a global women’s empowerment movement dedicated to inspiring and celebrating girls and women of color. I would love to work with BGR because we share similar missions and BGR is an exemplary example of there are no limits, with intentional focus, grit, and commitment to the cause. 

What do you need from the community around you, for you to help more in the community? 

Stand 4 Sisterhood is greatly appreciative of any support that our community can offer.  

Join our Tribe in the following capacities: 

     – Become a Mentor

     – Volunteer for Events 

     – Sponsor a Diamond for Camp 

     – Become a Monthly Partner 

What is your favorite place to go in DFW? 

The HELP Studios because my Stand 4 Sisterhood and MSJ-PRO Services, LLC offices are hosted inside of The HELP Studios.

Furthermore, my goals are executed within this space and my dreams are manifested here with my annual summer camp and live awareness and advocacy events. 

The HELP Studios is a 6,000 sqft modern, turn-key, and multi-purposed event center for corporate events, non-profit and community gatherings, and life celebrations.

How can people get in contact with you? What’s up next for you?

Let’s Stay Connected: 

Website: www.Stand4Sisterhood.org 

Email: iS4S.Global@gmail.com 

Office: 469.730.3621 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stand4Sisterhood

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-marguritte-s-johnson/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmargurittesjohnson/ 

What’s Next??? 

I actually have two events coming up. Grab your ticket(s) for the first event at the link below.

Two Celebrations – One Event: 

Stand 4 Sisterhood Day & Highlight Humanity TV Show Premiere 

October 27, 2023 @ 7:30 PM 

Then as we look forward to 2024, link for more info coming soon.

Women Making HERstory: BossUP & Brunch 2024

Sat – Mar 09, 2024 @ 10-2 PM 

She is the ISH!!!

This is the She is the Ish magazine, so tell me, what makes you the ISH? 

I’m the ISH because …

I’m that Sista that will pray for you! 

I’m that Sista that will believe in the impossible with you!

I’m that goofy & let’s go get something GOOD to eat Sista! 

I’m that Sista that’s ALWAYS ready to have Positive & Clean FUN! 

I’m that Sista that keeps it 1000% – what you see is what you get 24/7! 

I’m that Sista that is LOYAL … I will ride with you through the good, bad, and ugly! 

I’m that Sista that chooses to Collaborate vs. Hate… I live in a world where WE ALL WIN! 

I’m that Sista that checks in on her STRONG Sistas!

I’m that Sista that doesn’t take NO for an answer … NO means Next Opportunity! 

I’m that Sista that if you have problems, I got solutions. I am the Solutionist! 

I’m that Sista that Stands 4 ALL Sistas! #Stand4Sisterhood 

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