Goal Getter Series: Volume 1

We have all heard the word goals, but what do you think of next? S.M.A.R.T. goals, vision boards, notebooks with magazine clippings, dream journals and more. Or how about setting a New Year’s Resolution, then by Valentine’s Day, you’ve given up on all that jazz? Well SITIGirl, I’ve got you! No need to go through that process/excitement/panic/abandon cycle anymore. The reason that your Goals aren’t working isn’t because of some “goals don’t work because you don’t cliche”, but more likely that you are kicking off the process the wrong way. As we kick off this series, we have to take a few steps first to get in gear. Just like you can’t wrap presents (I’m so excited for Christmas), without having the right supplies, we need to check your Goal supplies (nope not magazines, poster boards and a dream jar)

What’s Wrong with Being Confident? Do you realize that everything that you go after depends on your confidence? No confidence means no success. Why? Because you don’t believe that you can do it. So, let’s start at the foundation. Let’s peek into your tool kit to see what you’re working with.

It’s inventory time!

On a scale of 1-10 on a typical day, how confident are you? (Be honest, think about situations at work, at home, where you are comfortable and places that make you feel a little squirmy). What is your number?

What do you like about yourself? Take some inventory, When you think about yourself, what do you like? What qualities, features, and abilities make you light up and give yourself that YASSSSS QUEEN look? (write it down)

What don’t you like about yourself? What do you want to change?

What is important to you? What things/people are important to you? What are your non-negotiables? Is it important to you that your family doesn’t have cell phones at the dinner table? Is it important that you have uninterrupted time each day for prayer, meditation, focus? Is it a no go when someone asks you to work overtime or Sunday? What are your important things? Really take some time to think about this because when things get hard on pushing towards your goal, we need to know exactly what is important.

Who is your tribe? Who is going to cheer you on or pep talk you when you want to give up on your goal (once we get those set?)

What story do you tell yourself when things are hard? Do you say, “well girl, too bad, NEXT” or do you say “ooh girl, okay what did we learn from that and how can we pivot?” What is your story?

Lastly, What positive things do you say to yourself everyday? Mary J. Blige has a wonderful song called “Good morning Gorgeous”, what are you saying to yourself each day? And if you’re not saying something positive, I need you to start.

Now, you may think this has nothing to do with goals, but it’s laying the foundation for success that is going to propel you to your goals.

Alright, you have homework, so get busy on that, and let’s get ready for Part 2, coming your way in October.

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