GOD’s Grace


Her beauty is breathtaking, her voice is commanding with melodies of warmth, and GOD’s grace is always upon her glaze. She is an award-winning philanthropist, public speaker, and radio & TV personality. Upon research, she has also been found to be an author. SitiGirl Miami-Dade (SGMD) will share what the world knows about her and ask a few questions for the world to learn about her.

Davica Williams, respectfully known as “Davi Speaks” of “The Wondertwinz”, is one of today’s most sought-after Public Figures. DaviSpeaks’ effervescent personality, matched with her transparency and oratorical mastery, channels her delivery in captivating audiences through words of inspiration and empowerment.

In her book The Wonder Years, she brings readers front and center through early childhood traumas that shaped her message of resilience and triumph. People often are left in awe of her ability to overcome and thrive. Her raw words are likened to a refracted mirror that guides those who share space with her to be ushered into a scared space of healing through self-awareness. Volume 1 of Me, Myself and My Story The Wonder Years pays homage to her late identical twin sister, Demetria Olivia Williams. This body of work was meant to be co-authored by The WonderTwinz synonymously but through their own unique perspectives. As this three-volume memoir unfolds, readers will sojourn through the lives of mirror-image identical twins who overcame rape, sexual violence, colorism, bullying, and autoimmune disease.

SGMD: What awakes you in the morning?

DW: Great Question! After I give thanks to GOD for gifting me with a new breath of life, I am relentlessly driven to command my day with the intention of empowering and awakening the human soul to its fullest potential.

SGMD: It is clear that your faith leads you to be the best you! Tell us the role that ministry plays in your life.

DW: Ministry plays a role in every facet of my life, from the marketplace as a multi-media personality, Higher Education Executive, and Realtor. I believe that I take dominion over the atmosphere in every space my feet touch. In every space my voice carries, I command life in every dead situation. Wherever my hands touch, I build and make it a better place than how I found it. Ministry is bigger than the four walls of the church. 

SGMD: As you so eloquently stated, ministry is bigger than the building. Where do you see yourself in three years?

DW: I see myself expanding my philanthropic influence here in South Florida, working on a doctorate degree, celebrating my kids’ wins academically and socially, prayerfully in courtship, or getting married! I see myself open for GOD to expand me for his glory in the earth.

SGMD: We will most definitely support all of the above.