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I want my business to inspire others to step out of what they already know and explore the unknown. I plan to continue training and educating myself on quality products, techniques, and business to provide my clients with the best services I can offer. I am here to serve my community, so serve them, I shall.

In a world where beauty and wellness reign supreme, Shera V. Griffin proves there’s more to looking and feeling your best than covering up imperfections. Through her unique blend of makeup artistry and massage therapy, she’s helping people tap into their inner strength and radiate confidence from the inside out. Her journey has been anything but easy, but she’s always risen to the challenge with a smile and fierce determination in her heart. So if you want to up your beauty game and feel like a total boss, Shera’s got you covered.

In 2011, Shera ended her Air Force career and knew she had to pursue her passion for helping people feel and look their best. While her husband was deployed, she took the opportunity to enroll in makeup artistry and esthetician courses. She later expanded her skills by studying massage therapy during his second deployment in 2018. When his Air Force ended, they made the life-changing decision to relocate their family and business to the beautiful shores of St. Croix.

Shera is a true inspiration to all who strive for excellence in the beauty and wellness industry. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge drives her to constantly seek the latest trends, techniques, and products to keep her services cutting-edge. Not content with researching, Shera actively experiments with new makeup styles and massage techniques and welcomes constructive criticism from family and friends. Her commitment to continual education is impressive as she participates in virtual training sessions and attends beauty and massage conventions across the United States. Shera’s creativity and dedication are an example to us all, reminding us never to stop learning and growing in our passions.

As a creative entrepreneur, Shera draws inspiration from the natural wonders of St. Croix, her travels, and her rich cultural heritage. This breathtaking island provides the perfect backdrop for her artistic endeavors, while her attention to the local community’s needs ensures her services are attuned to the island’s diverse population. By observing where locals invest their money and engaging in meaningful conversations, Shera creates services that resonate deeply with the cultural melting pot of the Virgin Islands.

Running a business as an entrepreneur is always challenging, and Shera has experienced her challenges. One major hurdle she must overcome is the high cost and difficulty of shipping to the Virgin Islands. Some companies refuse to ship to the region, and others make the process arduous and expensive. Despite these obstacles, she remains committed to offering her customers top-quality products and services at reasonable prices. She is actively exploring alternative solutions and partnerships to keep her services consistent.

Challenges aside, it can never be said that Shera’s work and service are not top-tier. She knows that to make it in this world, you’ve got to be committed to satisfaction and professionalism. If you ask her clients, she’s got that in the bag. From booking to follow-up, she knows how to make her clients feel like true VIPs.

Nowadays, people are placing greater importance on their health and well-being. Massage Therapy is no longer seen as a luxury but rather a necessity. This is because it offers numerous benefits, such as improving blood and oxygen flow, reducing muscle tension and pain, and helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Moreover, with the rise of social media and the beauty industry’s influence, there is a growing interest in Makeup and Skin Care.

While there is competitiveness in the beauty and wellness space, Shera focuses on her clients and their evolving needs. Social media significantly influences people’s interest in makeup, skincare, and massage therapy, and to meet that influence, Shera knows that she has to remain informed about quality products and techniques and provide her community with exceptional services. Also, with the beauty and wellness landscape in the Virgin Islands poised for transformation, she foresees an increasing emphasis on health and wellness. 

She has some invaluable advice for those aspiring to enter the beauty and wellness industry. She emphasizes perseverance and continuous growth. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to put their best foot forward, striving for excellence and allowing word-of-mouth to become their most powerful form of advertising.

Don’t ever give up! Keep learning and training to keep growing in your profession. Continuing your education is crucial as it helps you keep improving. Remember that learning is an integral to living, so always give it your best.

A practitioner of what she preaches, Shera is a true advocate for self-care and wellness, always making time for her well-being. Every Monday, she indulges in activities that bring her peace and joy, such as taking serene beach strolls, spending quality time with loved ones, or nourishing her body with wholesome meals. She actively works to maintain her physical and emotional health through regular exercise, stretching, and therapy sessions with a psychologist. Her dedication to her equilibrium benefits her and empowers those around her to do the same.

Shera V. Griffin is a true force in the beauty and wellness industry of the Virgin Islands. Her journey from the Air Force to entrepreneurship is a powerful testament to the rewards of following one’s passion. Shera has established herself as a trailblazer through her unwavering dedication to her craft and clients, inspiring others to embrace the unknown and reach their full potential.

As the beauty and wellness space continues to evolve, Shera will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, delivering her signature blend of expertise, innovation, and heartfelt dedication to every client she serves.

Shera V. Griffin is a certified esthetician and massage therapist, owner and practitioner of Eyes of Venus Beauty and Massage from St. Croix, USVI.
Social Media Handles: Facebook @evobeautyandmassage, Instagram/TikTok @evobeautyandmassage


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