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Dominique’s House

Recently, I had the chance to connect with Dominque Camille for one of the most unique dining experiences I had ever had. This was such an intentional, authentic dining experience. We chatted about life, challenges as black women and challenges that face our community. I literally felt like I was visiting one of my dearest friends.

Now let’s get into this delicious food! But before we get started, just know, when I walked into her home, I was met with the biggest hug and smile from Dominique along with the most delightful smell of homemade biscuits. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was in for a treat. If you didn’t know, we decided to have Sunday morning brunch. Now let’s get to it!

The menu was a smoked salmon and veggie tray for appetizers, homemade biscuits, fried potatoes with onions, smoked sausage and peppers, and grits. Ya’ll I thought I had died and went to heaven! Oh, and did I mention the AMAZING tea we had? The sterling silver vintage tea set was to die for!

Domique, a Cincinnati native, discovered her love for cooking and hosting in college but it really blossomed while she was in grad school in Boston and Dominque’s House was birthed out of a love of hosting and providing intimate dining experiences. As we talked about our childhoods, one of the things we both miss is the family dynamic of Sunday dinner. This was a treasured time to connect with your family after a long week and to start the new week on a positive note.

Dominique loves to provide and intentional dining experience, so her table only sits 10 people. If there is any more than that, you start to lose the intimacy of the group. This space is intentionally designed so you can connect and be vulnerable. People will share with each other when they feel safe to do so and that is what the environment is all about.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will be gathering a group of goal friends to host an event with her in the new year. Thank you for so much for being genuine and authentic in every way Dominique!

If you want to learn more about Dominique please visit her website at dominiquecamille.com and follow her on IG @dmnqshs

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