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Have you heard of a disorder that causes decreased tolerance to specific sounds?  Let’s learn more about our newest SITIGirl, Candace Pixley. 

Candace is a National Pageant Queen, the current American Beauties Plus Elite 23/24. Her platform is Misophonia Awareness where she is able to highlight a condition that causes individuals to experience negative fight, flight, or freeze reactions when they are being triggered by specific sounds. Partnered with SoQuiet Misophonia Advocacy, this Queen is educating her community and the world on a condition that so many are unaware of.

Candace’s pageant journey began over twenty-two years ago, at age 17, when she was Miss Congeniality of the Miss Statesman Pageant at Strom Thurmond High School in 2001. Her second pageant, Classic Beauties International was in 2021, and most recently, American Beauties Plus in 2023.  This has definitely been one of her biggest accomplishments, along with the ability to travel internationally, while graduating from college, and building her platform about Misophonia Awareness.

She has been such an inspiration to other young women and girls, as she has always had a love for pageantry but grew up feeling like there was no place for girls and women who looked like me. After spending 2020 engaged in working on herself, focusing on building up her confidence, and doing the best she could to heal from people and situations that hurt her deeply in the past. “I want to be the motivation for a little girl who feels there’s no place for her to get the courage to go do whatever it is she dreams of doing. I also did this for the little girl within me who needed assurance that she could be confident and beautiful.”

Moving ahead in a world full of challenges, Candace’s motto is “I don’t let too much get to me and if it does I try to change it as soon as I can.”

In addition to promoting her platform and raising awareness for Misophonia, Candace is available for:

*Speaking engagements where I encourage and inspire others

*Community Service with my local community

*Judging/Auditing for pageants

*Anything she is needed for and called upon for that she can help out with, she is willing to help

Where can you see Candace next?  She will beattending a Black Tie Masquerade on Saturday, October 21 and a portion of the proceeds benefit Paths to Wholeness which is a non-profit, faith-based organization aiming to empower and lead women to restoration.  “I love what this organization is doing to build up the women who need it in Orangeburg, South Carolina so I am excited that an event I am attending will be pouring into their organization. You can visit their website at

Looking to book this Queen for your next event?  “I am genuinely and truly here to serve so if there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask.”  You can contact her at on Facebook and @elite.queen.candace on Instagram

Stay tuned for more from this Queen on the move as her plans include launching her online show, “Worth the Conversation.” This will focus on her platform, Misophonia, but will also address topics people want and need to talk about. “I plan to provide people a space to talk and no matter what they are going through, their situation is worthy of a conversation.” We see you SITIGirl, keep on sparkling!

Feature photo, courtesy of Antoinne Duane Jones

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