The Business of Social Work: A Conversation with a Multifaceted Black Social Worker, Mother, Wife, and Business Owner

The Business of Social Work

In a world where women continuously redefine their roles, we have the privilege of sitting down with a remarkable individual who seems to effortlessly navigate the complex terrain of being a black social worker, a dedicated mother, a loving wife, and a thriving business owner. Join us in gaining insights into her journey, challenges, and strategies for successfully juggling these significant roles. Please meet wife, mother, business owner, and Social Worker Tiesha Carvil.

SGMD: Thank you for joining us today. To begin, could you share a little about yourself and the different hats you wear daily?

TC: Of course, I’m delighted to be here. My name is Tiesha, and my life is a beautiful tapestry of roles. I’m a Black female social worker specializing in substance abuse, where I support individuals and families facing various challenges. I’m also a mother of three incredible children, a wife to an amazing husband, and the proud owner of Healing Minds Therapeutic Services, LLC centered around helping people heal and work through ways to overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring conditions.

SGMD: It’s truly inspiring how you manage all these roles. Can you shed some light on what brought you to Social Work?

TC: My mom. She had been a substance abuse user for as long as I could remember. When she died last year of an overdose, I believe I understood my calling even more to help other children and parents not fall into the trap of this disease.

SGMD: Our condolences to you and your family, and we thank you for your transparency. In light of your mother’s passing, what impact do you want to leave on Earth?

TC: That I was an amazing wife, mother, and friend. I don’t believe all the other things matter if my family doesn’t believe in me.

SGMD: That’s a valuable perspective and a wonderful approach to life as a whole. As you balance the demands of motherhood, being a wife, and a business owner, what keeps you motivated for the work?

TC: Knowing that God desires to use people who want to be used and that many souls need his help. I never know when he will use me or what he will have me say, but I want to be used and led by him.

Tiesha’s story exemplifies the strength and grace that comes with wearing various hats. As a Black female social worker, mother, wife, and business owner, she’s mastered the art of blending her roles in service to others. Her journey serves as a reminder that embracing imperfection and seeking support are essential elements of a thriving life.

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