Lead Advocate Against Gun Violence: Mother’s Unite!

Lead Advocate Against Gun Violence

In recent years, the issue of gun violence has taken center stage in America. From mass shootings that make headlines to the daily, often unnoticed, toll it takes on communities, it’s a crisis that has reached a breaking point. And at the forefront of this fight for change are mothers who have transformed their grief into a powerful force for good. Gun violence is a stark reality in many American neighborhoods, but its effects on Black mothers and their communities are particularly profound. Their harrowing stories, the resilience, and the activism of these mothers make them champions in the face of adversity.

The statistics are staggering. Gun violence is the leading cause of death for Black children and teenagers. Every day, Black mothers across the country are confronted with the fear that their children may not return home due to a stray bullet or a targeted attack. The effects of this violence ripple through communities, leaving a trail of trauma and loss in their wake. The pain experienced by Black mothers who lose their children to gun violence is immeasurable. It’s a pain that lingers, a wound that never truly heals. In the face of this staggering loss, Black mothers show remarkable resilience. They are mourning their children and channeling their grief into action. Many of them have become advocates, activists, and community leaders, determined to break the cycle of violence.

Gun violence doesn’t just affect individual families; it takes a toll on entire communities. Schools in neighborhoods plagued by gun violence often have students who struggle with trauma, making it harder for them to focus on their education. The pervasive threat of violence forces businesses to close, keeping residents indoors and robbing communities of the vibrancy they deserve. Black mothers are not just passive victims of gun violence; they are fierce advocates for change. Organizations like Moms Demand Action and Black Mothers Against Violence have emerged as powerful forces in the fight for common-sense gun control. These groups are pushing for policy changes, community investment, and greater awareness of the devastating impact of gun violence on Black families.

The above few paragraphs describe the life of Leatha Sherill-Bush. She is the founder of Survivors Affected by Violence: The Jack Brown Foundation

SGMD: Thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to discuss your lived experience. Please introduce yourself.

LSB:  I’m a mother surviving her pain. Greetings. My name is Leatha Sherill-Bush. I’m the mother of 6 gifts from God. My beautiful children of one that’s adopted. Reasons why I say I’m a survivor. I’ve been through so many tragedies in this lifetime. But but God. I’m still standing. Even after the aftermath of losing two children, my 1st born son to gun violence and my 1st daughter to a medical illness. When I tell you, I’m a survivor of a multitude of life-changing experiences. Being a recovering addict. I made it through 27 years of recovery. Molestation, rape, and caged in a world of domestic violence. Losing my children to the system, DCF. Then, I returned with a vengeance to get full custody of my gifts from God. But God. I made it through. Seeing the trials and tribulations I went through. It was necessary. I had to understand the assignment. Because if it had not been for the Lord by my side. I wouldn’t know where I would be today. But God. God was my strength every time, I felt like giving up. I often said these words to myself: No matter what I went through, I never gave up. Giving up wasn’t an option when I knew. I came from a strong Black woman who raised 12 children by herself. None of the fathers was around. So, I lacked the love of a father. So that’s why I looked for love in all the wrong places. And I always looked for a father figure in a man. And that’s how I became a mother surviving her pain.

SGMD: Your story is so powerful and filled with resilience. You really answered the question of your purpose.

LSB: My purpose is that I’m still living it. All I want to do is give back to children and families who lost hope in life. To become bigger and better and beyond my wildest dreams and to give back as it’s so freely given back to me: hope.

SGMD: What is your call to action for the community?

SLB: My call to action is to find ways and means to deal with gun violence and grief. And to find solutions with other programs that can help in any way. To let the community know that we still care.

SGMD: Any final words?

LSB: God is able to heal the sick. He healed by his stripes. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The stories of Black mothers impacted by gun violence are stories of pain, resilience, and hope. They stand as a powerful reminder that communities can heal and thrive when they come together to address this crisis. The fight for change is far from over, but with the determination of these mothers, there is hope for a future where gun violence is no longer a daily threat to Black families and their communities. The impact of gun violence on Black mothers and their communities is a pressing issue that demands our attention, empathy, and action. As a society, we must support these mothers in their efforts to bring about change and work collectively to create safer and more equitable communities for all.

GOD’s Grace


Her beauty is breathtaking, her voice is commanding with melodies of warmth, and GOD’s grace is always upon her glaze. She is an award-winning philanthropist, public speaker, and radio & TV personality. Upon research, she has also been found to be an author. SitiGirl Miami-Dade (SGMD) will share what the world knows about her and ask a few questions for the world to learn about her.

Davica Williams, respectfully known as “Davi Speaks” of “The Wondertwinz”, is one of today’s most sought-after Public Figures. DaviSpeaks’ effervescent personality, matched with her transparency and oratorical mastery, channels her delivery in captivating audiences through words of inspiration and empowerment.

In her book The Wonder Years, she brings readers front and center through early childhood traumas that shaped her message of resilience and triumph. People often are left in awe of her ability to overcome and thrive. Her raw words are likened to a refracted mirror that guides those who share space with her to be ushered into a scared space of healing through self-awareness. Volume 1 of Me, Myself and My Story The Wonder Years pays homage to her late identical twin sister, Demetria Olivia Williams. This body of work was meant to be co-authored by The WonderTwinz synonymously but through their own unique perspectives. As this three-volume memoir unfolds, readers will sojourn through the lives of mirror-image identical twins who overcame rape, sexual violence, colorism, bullying, and autoimmune disease.

SGMD: What awakes you in the morning?

DW: Great Question! After I give thanks to GOD for gifting me with a new breath of life, I am relentlessly driven to command my day with the intention of empowering and awakening the human soul to its fullest potential.

SGMD: It is clear that your faith leads you to be the best you! Tell us the role that ministry plays in your life.

DW: Ministry plays a role in every facet of my life, from the marketplace as a multi-media personality, Higher Education Executive, and Realtor. I believe that I take dominion over the atmosphere in every space my feet touch. In every space my voice carries, I command life in every dead situation. Wherever my hands touch, I build and make it a better place than how I found it. Ministry is bigger than the four walls of the church. 

SGMD: As you so eloquently stated, ministry is bigger than the building. Where do you see yourself in three years?

DW: I see myself expanding my philanthropic influence here in South Florida, working on a doctorate degree, celebrating my kids’ wins academically and socially, prayerfully in courtship, or getting married! I see myself open for GOD to expand me for his glory in the earth.

SGMD: We will most definitely support all of the above.

The Business of Social Work: A Conversation with a Multifaceted Black Social Worker, Mother, Wife, and Business Owner

The Business of Social Work

In a world where women continuously redefine their roles, we have the privilege of sitting down with a remarkable individual who seems to effortlessly navigate the complex terrain of being a black social worker, a dedicated mother, a loving wife, and a thriving business owner. Join us in gaining insights into her journey, challenges, and strategies for successfully juggling these significant roles. Please meet wife, mother, business owner, and Social Worker Tiesha Carvil.

SGMD: Thank you for joining us today. To begin, could you share a little about yourself and the different hats you wear daily?

TC: Of course, I’m delighted to be here. My name is Tiesha, and my life is a beautiful tapestry of roles. I’m a Black female social worker specializing in substance abuse, where I support individuals and families facing various challenges. I’m also a mother of three incredible children, a wife to an amazing husband, and the proud owner of Healing Minds Therapeutic Services, LLC centered around helping people heal and work through ways to overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring conditions.

SGMD: It’s truly inspiring how you manage all these roles. Can you shed some light on what brought you to Social Work?

TC: My mom. She had been a substance abuse user for as long as I could remember. When she died last year of an overdose, I believe I understood my calling even more to help other children and parents not fall into the trap of this disease.

SGMD: Our condolences to you and your family, and we thank you for your transparency. In light of your mother’s passing, what impact do you want to leave on Earth?

TC: That I was an amazing wife, mother, and friend. I don’t believe all the other things matter if my family doesn’t believe in me.

SGMD: That’s a valuable perspective and a wonderful approach to life as a whole. As you balance the demands of motherhood, being a wife, and a business owner, what keeps you motivated for the work?

TC: Knowing that God desires to use people who want to be used and that many souls need his help. I never know when he will use me or what he will have me say, but I want to be used and led by him.

Tiesha’s story exemplifies the strength and grace that comes with wearing various hats. As a Black female social worker, mother, wife, and business owner, she’s mastered the art of blending her roles in service to others. Her journey serves as a reminder that embracing imperfection and seeking support are essential elements of a thriving life.