Brown Girls Rock 2023 Summerfest

You won’t want to miss out on the exciting event that is the Brown Girls Rock 2023 Summerfest! It’s definitely worth attending.

Click the image to purchase tickets today!!!

“Mirror Mirror on the wall” – (self image, self worth, and self esteem) 8-12yo and 13-17 yo

“I am my sisters keeper” (Eliminating the mean girl spirit) 8-12 yo and 13-17 yo

“How high can I rise” (future goals and where I see myself) 8 – 12 yo and 13-17 yo

“Shero” (identifying people who look like me and character traits) 8-12 yo and 13-17 yo

“Rise up from bullying” (identifying bullies and how to not be one) 3-7 yo

“The compassion project” (How to be kind) 3-7 yo

“Loving the skin I’m in” (self love, gratitude, and identifying strengths) 3-7 yo

“Am I brown enough?” (embracing skin tones and culture) 3-7 yo

Étiquette sessions

Mother/Daughter panel (multiple topics)

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