Nature’s Little Secrets’ Brightest International Queen

Nestled between the Virgin and Anegada passages lies a cluster of emerald islands that share a one-of-a-kind relationship as the US and the British Virgin Islands. Location, familial ties, and healthy competition primarily strengthen this relationship. Our unique relationship and shared cultural heritage have enabled us to achieve great things and continue to inspire others with our resilience, creativity, and boundless energy. Our small island territories work hard to get our ambassadors on the world’s biggest pageant stages, and for one Virgin Islander, the hard work paid off in big ways!

Sylvanna Charles became the first British Virgin Islander to win the international title Miss Plus World 2022 and the second Virgin Islander to win an international pageant title. This win did not come lightly but reflected her passion for competing. Sylvanna is no stranger to the stage, having won numerous titles over the past eighteen years, including 2005 BVI Festival Princess, 2011 Miss Caribbean Talented Teen AXA,  2017 Miss VG Bold and Beautiful, and 2nd Runner-up 2021 Miss British Virgin Islands. Throughout her experiences, Sylvanna has learned and gained essential insights from the competition, but none more significant than the value of self-discipline. While motivation can be short-lived, discipline is the key to overcoming any obstacle.

Her reign as Miss Plus World and its impact on the community is evident and impressive. The community’s support has made it possible to elevate her platform to raise awareness for childhood literacy and promote the strides that plus-size women are making in the pageantry and mainstream media industries.

Winning the Miss Plus World crown has been an absolute joy! Bringing the title back to the Virgin Islands was incredibly rewarding. There’s something special about unifying under one flag that makes the journey and victory feel like a shared experience for everyone.”

And it’s not just in pageantry or the media that body image and positivity conversations are being had, and it’s happening in the community where it is needed. As a high school teacher and dance instructor, she holds an advantageous position to impress and mold the young women in her community to chase their dreams. They see her actively setting, striving, and achieving her goals, allowing them to see her as an authoritative figure and a role model. And as a role model, her journey, passion, and presence become relatable to the young women she teaches daily.

Sylvanna is, and has always been, the type of woman that shakes the table and leaves her mark. She prepared and worked hard to achieve one of her long-standing goals, and she takes pride in being a part of a system whose mission is to promote, elevate, and celebrate women across the globe and their accomplishments.

“As a plus-size woman in pageantry, there’s still much to be done regarding recognition and opportunities. However, pageant systems like Miss Plus World continue to break barriers and provide platforms for plus-size women to showcase their abilities. The support for our plus-size beauties has been slow but steady, and I’m excited to see what’s next for plus-size pageantry.”

As for what’s next for nature’s little secrets’ brightest queen, it’s more about shaping the next generation of ambassadors and leading them to achieve their goals. Her love of pageantry and performing arts has not waivered, and having chaperoned and mentored other young ladies to chase their crown dreams, she knows she can usher more young ladies into the winners’ circle. Until she’s molded more queens than the English monarchy, Sylvanna relishes the perks of living in a tropical paradise. When she’s not lounging in the sun, you can find her appreciating the breathtaking scenery on the beaches she calls home. 

Sylvanna L. Charles is the reigning Miss Plus World 2022 from the British Virgin Islands
She is a high school educator and dance instructor
Social Media Handle: Facebook Miss Plus World British Virgin Islands

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