7 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude to me is a beautiful jewel given to use as a weapon against depression and many other mental conditions that try to steal our joy. Over the next 7 days I want to instigate joy and eruption of Posts on All of my Social Media platforms that prompt others to share their 2022 gratitude moments. I am so excited to have such an outpouring of responses to my Social Media post ”What are you grateful for?” I shared there would be a treat for the first 20 who participated.

Well, here is my treat for each person who responded… you are being featured here! Thank you dearly for participating!

  • Byron Walker – Grateful for life and good health!
  • Min. Dorise Adkins – I’m grateful for God’s hand on my life.
  • Seriah Smith – My family, my friends, you Aunt Jennifer! I love you beautiful!
  • Rene Black – Life, Family, Ministry.
  • Debra J. Venters – I am grateful to be living and for the way God is taking care of me and my family. I thank Jesus!
  • Crystal Cavey – My family. Today is Tori’s 20th birthday! (Happy Birthday Tori from The Siti Girl Houston Family!!!)
  • Londa Davis – Grateful for life and family
  • Diedrea Johnson – The Lord just keeps on making a way and I am Thankful…
  • Linda Reynolds – Life.
  • Kenneth N Erica Dryden – For life & the Spirit of the Lord
  • Justin Hank Johnston – I’m grateful for Jesus, for being born again, and for my family!
  • Stephaine Davis – Life, my family and GOD!!
  • Kessa Skinner-Shepherd – Life, health and strength
  • Ora J. Taylor – Grateful to Almighty God for my life and for my great family members and friends.
  • Valencia Redwine Drawhorn – I’m grateful for all the many blessings God has bestowed upon my life.
  • Melanie Smith McAfee – Truly learning to protect my peace.
  • Denise Glover – Grateful for Grace.
  • Donnell Walder – I’m grateful for genuine relationships with genuine people!
  • Teresa Dupree – I’m grateful for my children.
  • Brittany Perry – Grateful for the rest and assurance God gives me to body each day!

I am indeed can’t help but to reflect upon my own wells of gratitude after reading the beautiful words of those who shared. There are many many more. If you would like to see others please visit my page on FB at J Oneal Jackson.

My joy is combatting the ugly hand of depression during these days intended for celebration.