Love in 2023!

Love in Clear Sight! D’Ionna Conaway and Will Washington ignite Our Pages with their Magnetism!

The Gospel of Love According to D’Ionna & Will

The Beginning
D’Ionna and Will met while doing something they both love, being of service to others in need, she caught Will’s attention as she diligently worked to garner support for a family that had fallen on hard times. He was impressed by her commitment and felt a kindred spirit in how unselfish she was. Later when she gave everyone an update on how much was raised for the family…this really got his attention! Ever since that day they started talking and getting to know each other. After they finally got a chance to meet each other face to face in Baltimore, Will truly knew that God saw fit that this unassuming encounter would grow into a beautiful and loving relationship.

D’Ionna felt the instant chemistry and was excited that their connection wasn’t a fluke, this was the real thing. It wasn’t long after that when Will knew she was the woman he wanted to build a life with and she knew that he was the man to lead her and love her in the way that she had only dreamed of. After getting a hint from her Mom that she would say yes and speaking to her Dad and getting his approval to ask for her hand in marriage, Will asked D’Ionna to Marry him privately in March. She said yes and they continued to date and build their relationship.


A few months later after her Birthday Retreat he planned a shopping spree and brunch visit to Bistro 31, one of their favorite restaurants. She thought it was just a special brunch celebrating her Birthday, but Will set it up to have her Family and Best Friend there waiting to experience the moment with her. In a packed Restaurant Will kneeled and did what he will always attest is the best decision he has ever made in his life, by asking D’Ionna to marry him.

Will made D’Ionna the most blessed woman in the world when he asked…and D’Ionna made Will the happiest man in the world when she said yes.
We’re so excited for you to join us as we say “I do” at our destination wedding and reception in Paris, France on February 21st, 2023.