For This SITIGirl, the Code is always CURVI

Fresh from the runways at Ohio Kurvy Fashion Weekend (OKFW), Tarina M. Sims (T Marie), Creator of Curvi Code Full Confident (Figured) Apparel isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  

Creating her own apparel line came from a desire to reach women across the world and encourage them to embrace their magic. Creating a movement and safe space for full figured women like her, Tarina wanted her fashions to exude confidence.  Operating with her motto of “CURVI & CONFIDENT, ONE OF A KIND, DESTINED FOR GREATNESS & ELECTRIYINGLY EMPOWERED”.

Growing up in environments where alcohol/drugs were common use, “I made a choice not to indulge. I always say, I could be so many things that I am not, God has always cover me and I am extremely grateful and proud of.”

A self proclaimed RockStar and fashionista since birth, Tarina has been a Curvi woman since her adult years and in 2021 launched her passion project:  CurviCode apparel, which consists of Unisex T-shirts, hoodies & outerwear such as denim/camo jackets, athleisure wear.  

So many small businesses were impacted by the pandemic, and CurviCode is no exception.  Keeping her creative focus has been a challenge in this season for Tarina, but if you see her fashion line you would never know it!  She works a full time job, part time job, makes time for family and dabbles in making Gourmet popcorn, an exemplary role model of designing a life she loves, working her hustle until her hustle is her work.  So make sure ya’ll shop Small Businesses! “Thank you to everyone that supported me and Curvi Code and what ever your personal CODE is stay true to that!! XOXO”

“My goal is to focus on what my spirit moves me to create, manifest greatness and keep moving my name up the daily to do list.”

-Tarina Sims

In addition to being a designer, rockstar, ambassador for Pretty Moments Boutique, and amazing individual, Tarina is also a pageant queen with the American Beauties Plus Pageant System.  She is looking forward to competing for a National Title this June in Atlanta, GA.

This alone is plenty to be proud of, but wait!  There’s more!  This Curvi mama’s greatest accomplishments are her 3 beautiful daughters and being the Gigi to an 11 year old grandson, or her  “QWAZY’S” as she calls them.  

When people hear the name CurviCode, Tarina wants them to think of an apparel line made to truly inspire women to embrace who you are, be confident in your curves and remember to create safe spaces for all shapes and sizes. As for the future, Tarina plans to continue to grow.  Personally and professionally.  She has had so much support from family, friends, my model, and pageant village that the sky is the limit for this fashion line, super excited for the future.  You go Queen!  You are a SITIGirl!

To contact Tarina and get your CurviCode apparel, you can find her on Instagram at Curvi_CODE or Lovelylibra_tmarie. 

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