You Can Do Hard Things

“When I was younger, I KNEW I would be a nurse, however after experiencing patient care, I quickly changed my mind….”, meet Karessa T Johnson, mom, wife, and a Senior Benefits Specialist.

“I’ve been on the opposite end of HR, and some of those experiences weren’t the best. It is my goal to bring the Human aspect back into HR. I am naturally a caretaker, and a rule follower, I also love to educate people on their options, oftentimes people just need someone to listen and hear them. Human connection is at the center of everything I do. “I plan to continue to spread love and light! This is what we need in the world. I am currently looking to start a certification in Urban Leadership. I’m interested in learning more in an effort to impact change.”

Karessa is also part of Black Autism Support Society (BASS), National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW), an advocacy group for Women and Girls.  She serves on the Online Ministry for Eastern Star Church.  This online programming was used to keep people engaged online, which was essential during the pandemic, we allowed individuals to stay connected, and is also a Google #IamRemarkable facilitator, which is initiative that encourages self-promotion, with this I am able to help others see there is no wrong in promoting your accomplishments, because “It’s not bragging if it’s based on facts” … 

With Black Autism Support Society, resources and support are provided for caretakers who care for individuals who are on the spectrum.  With BASS, she loves connecting with other individuals who are navigating an Autism Diagnosis, which can oftentimes be an isolating experience, and the organization’s goal is to ensure people know there is support available and they’re not alone. BASS’ healing circles will begin September 18, 2023, and this will be held online. This is a space where individuals can connect, feel supported, and build community.  For more information, contact Karessa, or connect online at

You may think that being involved with so many initiatives and empowering others, Karessa doesn’t have any challenges, but like so many, she deals with depression and anxiety, and since this isn’t something that was embraced or supported previously, instead of taking time for herself and “healing”, she ran. “I didn’t grow up with much exposure, my mother was a high school dropout, and I didn’t know my father. I grew up without a voice, and never felt safe to ask questions. I had limited exposure to different career paths, so that made it difficult to “find myself” or my passion. Thankfully I’m a good person and people naturally gravitate to me and love to pour into me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have people challenge me to be better and reach for the stars.”  SITIGirl, we see you and are grateful for the contributions and love you pour into the world and into your own healing now. 

When asked about her proudest accomplishment, with a huge smile Karessa says “Becoming a mother is by far the best thing I do, I have two amazing boys who make me a better woman.  I am also a wife, who has grown as a person, and has cultivated one of the most meaningful relationships with my best friend and partner. But obviously I am so much more than that, I was able to obtain my master’s degree in 5 months and 4 days, which is kind of a big deal. I use my experiences to become a voice to the voiceless, and I also do the things and say the things that many people will not say and do. I utilize my talents to give back, and I lead with empathy.”

I am a people’s person; I will be your greatest cheerleader and will push you to stretch. I love to remind people that they can do hard things! 

Want to connect with Karessa? You can find her on LinkedIN by searching Karessa Johnson

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