Breaking Boundaries in Fashion PR: Emma Medeiros Pioneers Plus-Size Inclusivity

In the world of fashion, where beauty standards have long been dictated by a narrow definition of size, Emma Medeiros is a trailblazer. As the president of Medeiros Fashion Public Relations, she’s on a mission to reshape the landscape of the fashion industry, making it more inclusive and diverse. What sets Emma apart? She’s the driving force behind the very first PR firm in the United States dedicated exclusively to plus-size fashion.

“I’m so glad I had that journalistic experience because now I know how to pitch members of the press relevant, timely, and, most importantly, truly newsworthy stories. I know how they want to be treated, and I do my best to live up to that!”

Emma’s journey to becoming a force in the fashion world began in Providence, Rhode Island, her hometown. She laid the groundwork for her remarkable career by earning a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, in May 2012. Little did she know then that her passion for promoting inclusivity and bridging the gap between straight size and plus size fashion would lead her on an extraordinary path.

The summer following her graduation marked another significant chapter in Emma’s life when she tied the knot with her best friend, Adam. But she didn’t stop there. Emma embarked on a creative venture that would set the stage for her future endeavors—she started a blog named “Curves, Cats, and Creams.” This blog was her platform to advocate for inclusivity in the fashion world and to challenge conventional beauty standards. It aimed to bridge the gap between straight size and plus size fashion.

Reflecting on her journalistic experience, Emma explains, “I’m so glad I had that journalistic experience because now I know how to pitch members of the press relevant, timely, and, most importantly, truly newsworthy stories. I know how they want to be treated, and I do my best to live up to that!”

In June of 2015, Emma took her passion for inclusivity to the next level. She founded Medeiros Fashion Public Relations, recognizing a significant gap in the fashion industry. Despite the thousands of fashion PR firms in the United States, not a single one specialized in the exploding plus-size fashion sector. Emma couldn’t stand for this imbalance.

“To me, fashion is simply FASHION,” she asserts with unwavering determination. “Why should plus size fashion be just an afterthought when the majority of women in this country fall into that category? We want to be sexy, feminine, and fashionable, and designers, retailers, etc., are finally waking up to that fact!”

Emma’s journey isn’t just about her professional achievements; it’s about her personal life too. She’s happily married to her best friend, Adam, and the proud “mommy” to eight fur babies—adorable kitties named Guinevere, Felix, Oscar, Lucy, Ricky, Cosette, Hollyann, and Magdalene.

In 2019, Emma embraced a new adventure by relocating to the fashion capital of the world, New York City. This move allowed her to immerse herself fully in the dynamic fashion industry. With a blend of class and sass, Medeiros Fashion Public Relations has a clear goal—to place plus-size fashion on an equal footing with straight size fashion.

“Why should plus size fashion be just an afterthought when the majority of women in this country fall into that category?

Emma’s declaration says it all, “There’s absolutely NO reason for them to be separate, and, once I accomplish that, I can die a happy woman!”

Changing the Game: Emma Medeiros’s Approach to Inclusive Fashion PR

Emma Medeiros isn’t just a visionary in the world of fashion; she’s a practical advocate for change. She’s proven her mettle by taking the following bold approaches in her quest to reshape perceptions of plus-size fashion:

1. Demonstrating Success Through Darryl Perry: One of Emma’s proudest achievements is her work with Darryl Perry, a Black Big & Tall model based in Atlanta, Georgia. Through effective PR campaigns, she has propelled Darryl into the spotlight, challenging stereotypes about body size and promoting diversity in the fashion industry. Emma’s campaigns extend beyond modeling, as she highlights Darryl’s “What’s Up, Lil Bro?” video series, which empowers young men to become their best selves. Emma’s work with Darryl also involves creating a nonprofit organization aimed at empowering the next generation.

2. Crafting Messages for Empowerment and Profit: Emma navigates the delicate balance of promoting inclusivity while addressing concerns about health. She emphasizes that dressing to feel good can inspire positive lifestyle changes. Moreover, she highlights the undeniable financial incentive for brands to embrace size inclusivity, citing statistics that demonstrate the booming plus-size fashion industry. Emma urges brands to seize this monumental opportunity.

3. Targeted Social Media Engagement: Emma’s social media strategy is grounded in quality over quantity. She advises clients to focus on meaningful engagement with their target audience rather than chasing large follower counts. Understanding the audience is key, and Emma’s expertise in this area shines through as she tailors messages for diverse demographics.

We want to be sexy, feminine, and fashionable, and designers, retailers, etc., are finally waking up to that fact!”

4. Building Relationships with Industry Influencers and Journalists: Emma’s approach to building and maintaining relationships is akin to dating. She meticulously researches and follows influencers and journalists in the fashion industry. By sharing their work and engaging with them on social media, she establishes a rapport that opens doors for future collaborations.

5. Handling Backlash with Truth: Emma’s advice for handling potential backlash or negative feedback is simple yet effective: honesty. She encourages clients to address concerns head-on, emphasizing that their messaging doesn’t promote unhealthy habits. Emma’s commitment to truth helps maintain a positive image even in the face of criticism.

6. Tailoring Messages for Diverse Demographics: Emma underscores the importance of tailoring PR strategies to match each brand’s unique identity and target audience. She recognizes that inclusivity can mean different things to different people and emphasizes the need for personalization.

7. Collaborating for Mutual Success: Emma loves bringing people and brands together, fostering collaborations that benefit all parties involved. Whether it’s coordinating shows or introducing complementary designers and vendors, Emma’s knack for collaboration helps her clients thrive.

8. Staying Informed and Adapting to Change: Emma stays updated on industry trends and conversations through tools like Google Alerts and by nurturing relationships. She acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of fashion and the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

9. Adapting Messaging to Changing Attitudes: Emma’s adaptability shines through as she discusses the evolution of inclusivity. While initially focused on size inclusivity, she recognizes the broader spectrum of inclusivity that now encompasses race, gender, age, and more. Emma’s commitment to equality extends beyond size.

10. Measuring Impact and Success: Emma acknowledges the challenge of measuring PR success. She customizes metrics based on individual client goals and maintains transparency through monthly status reports, ensuring both her and her clients’ success go hand in hand.

11. Crisis Management: Emma’s approach to handling crises is to address them promptly and honestly. She believes in acknowledging mistakes and taking corrective action when necessary. Open communication and accountability are key in crisis management.

12. Empowering and Sensitive Messages: Crafting empowering yet sensitive messages is essential for Emma. She takes the time to deeply understand her clients’ goals and audience. Research, surveys, and focus groups help ensure messages resonate positively.

13. Encouraging Expansion and Promoting Efforts: Emma uses financial incentives and market statistics to encourage brands to expand their size offerings. She underscores the value of plus-size customers as willing spenders who seek fashion that makes them feel confident.

“To me, fashion is simply FASHION,”

14. Tailoring Pitches for Different Media Outlets: Emma’s tailored approach to pitching and press releases hinges on understanding the unique styles of various media outlets. She uses language and formats that resonate with each outlet, ensuring a consistent yet adaptive message.

15. A Vision for the Future: Emma’s vision for the future of plus-size fashion PR is clear—to eliminate the separation between plus-size and straight-size fashion. Her role in making this vision a reality is a testament to her dedication to change and inclusivity.

Emma Medeiros is not just a PR agent; she’s a catalyst for change in the fashion world. Her pioneering spirit and commitment to inclusivity are shaping an industry where fashion truly knows no size boundaries. Emma’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, empathy, and a vision for a more diverse and inclusive fashion future.

You can connect with Emma and follower her through her website and various social media outlets as follows.

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