Pamela Weems of Love Promotions

Face of the Month: October 2022

Pamela Weems is definitely not a new face in the Twin Cities if you have ever been out in the Night life of Minneapolis than I am sure that yo have attended a Love Promotions Event.

20 Years Ago Pamela Weems was a single parent of 4,when she was diagnosed with breast cancer working as an independent contractor as a makeup artist for
Lancôme Cosmetics. Pamela also started as a Independent Street Promoter for a Company she decided to name Love Promotions. Love was her sir name that was brought over from the Gold Coast of South Africa and given to her ancestors when they were sold to the Love Plantation in South Carolina.

Being an independent contractor Ms. Weems depended on assistance from social services to provide for herself and he children. Being an a independent contract was able to grow and become a supplemental income for the household. It started with helping and was able to turn into a career that has span over the last last 20 years and still going today.

Today Ms. Weems has retired from the Beauty Industry after 40 years of service. She tries to say that she is somewhat retired from the entertainment industry, however if you are in these Twin Cities streets there is rarely a weekend that she is not attending, putting on or promoting a event. She still has events that are annual and the the city looks forward to. She is the founder of Pink Ladies Think Pink Event, that promotes the importance of early detection in breast cancer. Ms. Weems herself being a survivor of breast cancer wanted to educate other of signs and ways to find early detection in the the community of color.

Each year they have an extravagant event, that is covered in every shade of pink that you can imagine that caters to women of color. The event started with a vision after Ms. Weems realized that many of the breast cancer events that were being offered were extremely expensive to attend or participate in. Ms. Weems made it her business to change this dynamic and offer a beautiful event for women like her. She wanted to showcase women of color that were breast cancer survivors and provide a place for families to give remembrance to those that were lost as well.

Currently Ms. Weems passion is to provide a place in the city of Minneapolis for 40+ to be able be out in the nightlife, enjoy a good time and feel safe with their peers. Ms. Weems says, she has heard the complaint, there’s no place that we can go and have a good night, from this particular crowd. However Ms. Weems is a true believer that with music and dance makes the world go round!

Ms. Weems is determined to enhance the nightlife in Minneapolis. Pamela stated that it is honestly in her DNA, she has created a family with the nightlife that loves to be entertained and have a good time. She wants to be known that there is no excuse not to have a party at her age. Ms. Weems does not see herself giving up anytime soon, God is Willing.

Attending any one of Ms. Weems Love Promotion Parties you will definitely her personal motto, “VIP Does Have Its PERKS!” With 20 years in the entertainment game Ms. Weems shared three keys to her success, 1. be consistent, 2. Get to know the right people, It’s not what you know it’s who you know and lastly, 3. Never burn bridges.

I ask Ms. Weems looking at the world today and the current atmosphere that we live in, what topic comes up on her radar that she feels needs to be addressed? Right away she stated we need to find ways to save the children. The Black-on-Black crime tears at her heartstring the most. Pamela stated that if we could create a system for the parents with children that are out here in the streets making bad decisions that can change their lives forever, sooner than later preventive measures are better than cleaning up.

In closing, I ask Ms. Weems if there was something that the twin cities does not know about her that she wants us to know. She stated, that people should know she is more beautiful inside than on the outside. People tend to judge her based on the evident confident persona she presents, but she is always open to meeting new people. She is approachable, she is going to just be who she is the Queen of the Twin Cities nightlife, always dressed to kill with all eyes on her.