Rewind: September 2022

Together Women’s Conference

Awesome Women’s Conference September 29-30th,2022 with Dr. Anita Philips at Living Word
Christian Church,9201 75th Ave N., Brooklyn Park

Fearless Commerce Volume 5

Volume 5 of the Fearless Commerce was an awesome experience, the room was filled with many different shades of melanin, that are powerhouse from throughout the Twin Cities. It was an experience that can not be explained you would have had to be there. Fearless Commerce was founded in 2017 by Black Women for black women. They honor and support courageous Black Women business owners who have transcended barriers throughout their building journey.

Worth Behavior Day

Worth Behavior Day was a one-day immersive event where women of color feel pampered, appreciated, and valued through acts of self-care and meaningful dialogue that uncovered the root of worthiness.