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Face Of the Month: Nicole Pacini, The Woman That Does it All!

I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with the great Nicole Pacini, a woman whom I personally admire. She is unquestionably a go-getter. If you are out and about in the Twin Cities at any uplifting event, you will see her there. If you are looking for a source and need a referral for where you can eat, drink, be merry, socialize or, learn about healthy, holistic food or ventures, then she is the one to follow.

This is a woman of all trades. She is a mom, a businesswoman, an artist, a food connoisseur, and an entrepreneur. After talking with her, I truly believe there’s nothing that she cannot do. Talking with this woman certainly inspired me to do more. Her ability to create something and transform it to a plan and process, is nothing short of amazing. As I ask her questions about her many projects, she continues to say that she thought about it, or it was suggested and without a pause, she just did it. There are so many things that she has going on constantly. However, her testimony will inspire you to get up and continue all unfinished projects, dreams, or business you may have started, but never completed.


In October 2012, she was living her life and doing what most people do, working and being a mom. But what started as a simple hobby of collecting photos of food, turned into a full-blown career change. The career change that I am speaking of is Nicole becoming the Minneapolis Entréepreneur . Nicole told me that it was not planned, she initially started documenting places that she visited, food that she ate, and giving reviews to what she liked. She spoke with candor on what she thought was great, and what might even need to be done better. Thus, Minneapolis Entréepreneur  was created to showcase her love for food and photography. I looked back to the first post that Nicole did and she stated,

I am here because THEY said, “You should do a blog about food”… Let’s see where this takes me!”

The blog was born with encouragement from loved ones around her, and the ability to photograph the meals in the restaurants that she frequented. Her unique way to present was eye-catching, she told a story of food that she loved to eat. Looking back on past blogs written on Nicole’s site, the photos and descriptions immerse you at thee table with her. You can almost as though you are on a lunch or dinner date with her, and the detail in photos are like ingredients to a recipe.  The way which Nicole tells stories of dining out in her blogs are so intriguing and insightful, that it undeniably shows a skill of presentation, and not just on her blog, but her social media marketing and the endless ways to brand for all to see.

Nicole’s way of reviewing presentation style and techniques are so exquisitely detailed that it teleports you there with her. She doesn’t simply say how her meal tastes, she gives you an experience. Nicole sets the scene and lays it all out from the beautiful ambiance, the customer service, to the first and last cocktail. She talks about how every bite, every morsel, is savored. You certainly can trust that if it is not a good experience, Nicole will detail as such to her audience in the most professional way. Nicole’s style of reviewing is storytelling, she has a way of welcoming you in and sitting you down at her table. It makes you feel at home with what’s going on, or what went on while she is documenting each meal that she devoured.

 In the process, her following began to grow. What may have seemed like just a blog started flourishing into something so much greater. I asked Nicole what has been the best part of the last 10 years or the best memory?

The best part is being able to connect with restaurants and chefs throughout the Twin Cities as well as being a reputable source for dining recommendations in our city.

I asked Nicole what motivates her to be so driven and without pause, she stated that she is passionate about living life to the fullest and being an example for her children. She said she is motivated by her creativity. Nicole has plethora of ideas that she would absolutely love to bring to fruition in some form or fashion. Being creative allows her to inspire others and live life on her own terms. This flows right into Nicole’s motto to life which would define her, “What is the solution?” Throughout our interview, many times, Nicole discussed obstacles, issues or concerns and that the only response that she had was how it can be fixed, modified, or made better. Resolution seemed to be her only option.

When you get the opportunity to engage and learn from such a driven person, you got to see what are their secrets. You want to know if you can apply what they do in their life, to your own life, and share in the wealth of their abundances. I ask Nicole what are her top three keys to being successful?

Consistency, gratitude and believing in yourself.

Nicole’s success spreads far and wide, and the list is endless of all of the things that she is currently doing. Along with her consistent insight as the Minneapolis Entréepreneur, Nicole help other people and businesses as an independent contractor by assisting others to make their presence known on social media via marketing or branding. Nicole has shown her ability to take over the internet and has been succeeding at it for ten years now.

She is also an artist that has taken the hobby of painting to another level. You can see her pieces throughout the Twin Cities adorned on tote bags, laptop cases, and even in peoples homes on a variety of items. Nicole stated that this venture was also due to the suggestion of a friend that loved her work. They wanted a print, and as Nicole stated earlier in our interview, “what is the solution? ” Nicole added her images to the Society 6 site so that she could share another one of her gifts with the world. you can go and see the awesome pieces, while your there grab a couple as holiday gifts.

It would not be right not to tell you Nicole’s top three local place to eat and what is her fav on the menu…

Sooki and Mimi – Tacos

Umbra – Pirate Jenny

Hia Hia – Turmeric and Dill Fish

If i was you I would definitely put them on the list to visit. In closing Siti Girls Twin Cities want to make sure you really know why we want give Nicole her flowers…

I am Nicole Pacini, I am 51 years old

I am a mom of 6, I am a grandmother of 4

I take lots of selfies, I am beautifully made

I am creative, I have flaws

I am not perfect; I am a work in progress

I am a millionaire, I have multiple streams of income

I am a believer, I am an achiever

I am an introverted extrovert, I love my family

I love traveling, I am a food aficionado

I am brave, I am smart

I have a smart mouth

I have good intentions

I have goals, I have dreams

I am helping others achieve their dreams

IG: instagram/nicolepacini


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