The Melonye Batson

The Face of A Beautiful Standard:
First Lady Melonye Batson

Who is Melonye Batson?
A product of church, who didn’t know who she was until she made a decision that changed her life. At 17 she had just graduated and then had a baby at 18. Outed by the church she was raised in, there was no place to worship, so she began to do something she had never really had to do. Pray at home and she asked God if He is really who He is, then love me because I don’t feel loved by what and who I’ve known. Her worship and loyalty to Him is because He was there for her 32 years ago. Melonye is His Worshipper.

Where are you from? Dallas, Texas

When did you know there was something to this thing called ministry?
When I had no place to call my spiritual worship place, I turned the television on and saw the man named CARMEN singing in a way that was pure, repetitive and authentic; something I’ve never heard in my church life. It touched me in a way that wasn’t normal, churchy or lyrically technical. It was convicting, it was relatable, it was sincere and it was life changing. I wanted that kind of relationship with the person CARMEN was singing about. It was true singing, it touched every part of me, my heart, my mind, my spirit and my soul, it moved me to change, it inspired me to want this kind of thing in my life, I didn’t know at the time that it was worship because I was accustomed to praise which I found praise with the isolation of worship can lead you to a partial relationship with a Whole, Living, Faithful, True, Real Time GOD. So in that moment I asked for that kind of relationship and I wanted that kind of song. My life changed that day. I received a real love and relationship with JEHOVAH- “THE I AM”

Who is God to you?

What is your focus in Ministry?
Loving as Christ, Seeing through the eyes of the blood of Christ and Accepting that God can change and use anyone, because He definitely gave me a shot.

What is your why?
Why do I care, Why do I see and Why do I pray? Because He trusts me with those He loves and cherish, even the rejected.

Any upcoming plans? GOD knows when He wants and needs me I am available. No plans other than my weekly obligations at my home church, Faith Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas where I lead the Youth, Intercessory and Women’s Ministries.

What would you leave with the readers for encouragement?
We face many struggles in life and we spend most of our time running from them, hiding them, masking them but I’ve learned to embrace my struggles because they taught me so much about me and what God has deposited in me. Struggles present themselves to align you, position, protect you, alert you and educate you. Avoiding them only delay you.

How can people follow you?
Facebook: Melonye Batson
Instagram: Melonye Batson or themelonye

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