Who Is Alexandria Houston?

Houston is heating up, and this summer claims to set new records by the weather trend. In the midst of climate matters, we have women such as Alexandria Houston seeking to make a global impact.

I am so excited to introduce to some and present to others this phenomenal woman of standard. She not only shares truth, but serves to be what she shares as well!

Where are you from? Born?
Born and Raised in Houston, TX hence the last name.

Who is Alexandria Houston?
Alexandria Houston is a corporate business woman (soon to be an executive leader), engineer, pageant queen, children’s book author, philanthropist, and wife.

She attended the best HBCU in the country, Prairie View A&M University where she received her Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering where she was named the most outstanding Senior. She received her Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and uses it daily to connect people and to connect with people.

She currently works in residential construction for a leading Building Materials manufacturer where she can be found wearing her favorite pink hard hat, safety vest, and pink steel toe boots. She recently had the honor to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange alongside her CEO and 8 others to celebrate her company’s 50th year Anniversary.

Alexandria is a three time National Pageant Queen and loves competing in pageants. Although in high school she was on the first varsity bowling team, she has never considered herself an athlete. Pageantry has afforded her an opportunity to satisfy her competitive spirit as well as do what she loves the most, serving the community. She has promoted her platform, B.E.A.T Domestic Violence (Becoming Educated and Aware Together about Domestic Violence) since 2011 after her cousin Lakendra D. Ware was murdered by her boyfriend. Alexandria made her mission to learn everything about Domestic Violence and became a leader in her community for raising awareness on healthy relationships, women advocacy, and self love. While she has a passion for Domestic Violence Advocacy and community engagement, Alexandria prides herself on being a women’s advocate. In 2016, she was the youngest to ever receive the Hearts of Gold Woma of Achievement Award in the category of women’s advocacy.

Alexandria is an author of a children’s book, “The Little Queen That Could”, a book with no ending that encourages girls to be their own author of their story. Her books have sold copies globally and can be found in Switzerland, Hawaii, South Africa, The Bahamas, and over 20 states here in the United States.

She is the proud owner of Just Alexandria Global, LLC where she houses her executive coaching, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, corporate speaking, and more. Her goal with JAG is to empower everyone to live their best lives with purpose, passion, and persistence. As an engineer, author, entrepreneur, and pageant queen, she believes that God uses her in many facets of life, and she is honored to be a vessel for Him.

Can you share your journey in pageantry?
I started my pageant journey in middle school with the National American Miss pageant system. I thought I wanted to be a model and a teacher. Well I’ve done both, and I learned a lot… I’m best at being a pageant girl. Throughout my pageant journey I’ve carried the titles Miss Texas Plus America 2012, Miss Plus America 2013, Ms. Texas American Elegance 2016, Ms. American Elegance 2016, Miss All World Beauties 2019, Miss Plus America Lifetime XI, and National All World Beauties Duchess Lifetime II. When I’m not competing, I enjoy every aspect of pageantry from hosting, directing, producing, and judging. I am now a pageant consultant where I guide new directors on how to run and maintain a successful pageant system.

What are projects you have your hands in now? And what is your reason for doing them?
I am currently planning a celebration for 10 years of service for my initiative, Twenties for Turkeys this October in Houston, TX.

What started out as simply feeding domestic violence shelters on Thanksgiving Day and restocking their almost bare freezers and pantries with my family and friends in 2013, has grown into serving communities outside of Houston.

Twenties for Turkeys is an initiative I created in 2013 that focuses on raising awareness for domestic violence, addressing food insecurity during school breaks, supporting families during Christmas, and providing care packages to homeless shelters.

Our mission is to create a positive impact by promoting compassion, support, and empowerment. We aim to break the cycle of abuse, ensure no child goes hungry during holidays, bring joy to families in need, and offer essential care and support to the homeless. Together, we strive to empower lives, nourish communities, and create hope for a better tomorrow.

Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 and expand overseas!

How can people connect with you?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justalexandriaglobal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justalexandriaglobal/
Email: itsjustme@justalexandriaglobal.com

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CEO & Founder of Just Alexandria Global, LLC

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